There are a lot of wonderful aspects of Hausa traditional wedding attire that no wonder everyone loves it. Today we will focus on the brides and their beautiful Hausa traditional wedding dresses. The Hausas are always recognized as a widespread tribe with a lot of traditions and very rich cultures. Their way to conduct the weddings and Hausa wedding dresses are truly inspiring.


The Traditional Body Art is very notable. It is mostly made on the feet and hands of the brides. This body art is called Lalli. Hausa brides from the eastern, southern, and western regions often use it. They call it some kind of a traditional tattoo.

However, unlike the modern permanent tattoos which stay with a person for long years or sometimes even forever, Lalli stays with a bride just for a couple of days, weeks or even months. It depends on the amount of all the used ingredients and how often Lalli has a contact with water.

Hausa traditional wedding attire

In Nigeria, there are about 250 ethnic groups and more than 500 languages, so the wedding dresses vary depending on region, ethnicity, and religion. However, Nigerian brides often wear a bright wedding dress. In addition, there is often a mandatory attribute – a handkerchief on the head, which is called gel.

Hausa traditional wedding attire

Hausa brides also wear gel. They love beautiful colors, nice African prints, and ornaments. Hausa brides usually choose a colorful wedding dress. Particular attention of Hausa wedding attire is paid to the jewelry.

Hausa traditional wedding attire

The dresses of the bridesmaids must fit the design of the banquet hall and, of course, Hausa style. Hausa wedding outfit is an important part of every ceremony, which can create the mood of the whole event.

Hausa traditional wedding attire

If you are a Hausa bride planning a beautiful traditional wedding or you love the Hausa culture, our lovely photos of Hausa wedding styles can inspire you.


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