Smile Unlimited offers limitless yuletide value

A good parameter for the measurement of the strength of a company lies in the quality and diversity of its product range, and great companies are known for their exceptional products and service offerings.

For Smile Nigeria, West Africa’s pioneer 4G LTE broadband service provider, its products and service offerings, designed to offer the best internet service to customers, underscores its pre-eminence in the Nigerian broadband market. 

Notable among its various product offerings is the multi-faceted Smile Unlimited plans, including the UnlimitedLite, UnlimitedEssential, Freedom 3Mbps, Freedom 6Mbps and Freedom BestEffort plan. Smile Unlimited plans are tailor-made and unmatched in the value offered to customers and consumers alike.

This yuletide season, Smile is more than determined to put more smiles on the faces of its customers and consumers. Consequently, it is offering MoreValue on UnlimitedLite, UnlimitedEssential and Freedom 3Mbps plans with no price increase.

The company has reinvigorated the Smile Unlimited plans to enable everybody enjoy a lot more online entertainment and stay connected with family and friends this festive season.

In effect, every Smile customer is assured plentiful Unlimited plans for the same price. Unlimited plans provide Smile customers uninterrupted internet access with at least 20GB more data at the same price. Customers will be getting MoreValue as each one of the improved Unlimited plans still comes at the same price.

The Smile Unlimited plans, conceived to serve the interest of both heavy and light data users in more ways than one, underpin the company’s mission that the internet is an enabler and meant to serve all. With Smile Unlimited plans, everyone, including friends and family, can enjoy always on non-stop data.

To fully take advantage of the Smile Unlimited plans, a customer simply needs to recharge via the MySmile App and MySmile Portal, as well as via XpressRecharge on

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