Productive Leadership: Ghana to export 3,000 nurses to Germany, others

No fewer than 3,000 Ghanaian nurses are set to leave for Germany through the “Working Abroad” project of the National Youth Employment Agency (YEA), the Chief Executive Officer of the national youth agency, Justin Kodua Frimpong, has disclosed.

Frimpong, who addressed some Ghanaian youth in Accra at the second edition of the Ghana Youth Summit, disclosed that Ghana would be exporting local human resources to countries that have high demand and have made requests for them.

He stated that countries like Germany, Canada and Australia have made requests for both skilled and unskilled human resources for construction, adding that 500 Ghanaian men and women will be sent to Germany to begin the ‘Working Abroad’ programme.

“This year, about 500 young men and women would go to Germany to start the programme,” quoted Frimpong to say. “In the past, we left these things for private companies who were driven by profit to send people outside and they did not even care about the welfare of these immigrants.”

He added that some Ghanaian youth would also be exported to teach English Language in some neighbouring francophone countries. The summit was held under the theme, “Creating a Sustainable Future: Employing with Sustainable Opportunities.”

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