Playboy Euromillions winner who bedded scores of women on wild £500,000 round-the-world lads’ trip turns life around with baby and engagement

Now settled down, Matt Myles, 31, says he has enjoyed the “best year ever” after fearing he would end up like other troubled lottery winners after the £1 million win three years ago A British Euromillions winner who claimed to have bedded scores of women on a £500,000 round-the-world lads’ trip has settled down and is celebrating his “best year ever”. Matt Myles, 31, welcomed baby boy Jude on December 18 – delivering he and new fiancee Stacy Edwards, 28, the perfect early Christmas gift only weeks after their engagement. Now the proud dad has said fears he would end up like other troubled lottery winners was a driving force behind turning his high-flying ways around after his life-changing £1 million win in April 2014. Celebrating his newfound outlook on life this year, Matt embarked on another round-the-world trip on April 8, the third anniversary of his jackpot, to mark his new life with Stacy. But this was a very different adventure with his girlfriend – rather than his first post-lottery blow-out with his brother and mates and endless parties and hangovers. The loved up couple’s trip was disrupted only weeks in when Stacy fell ill in Asia – only to discover it was morning sickness and she was pregnant. The discovery sent the couple on a rollercoaster year – later learning the baby was diagnosed with a rare form of Spina bifida that could have lead to health problems at birth. But Jude arrived completely healthy and the couple have now spoken about their wedding plans. The whirlwind 12 months comes after Matt, from Hereford , had told last year how he spent £500,000 over 18 months in 22 countries, glugging champagne, buying designer clothes and bedding at least 150 women. Lottery winner attacked by jealous girlfriend speaks out about ‘taboo’ of domestic violence against men But he now says he has made it all back – and then some – and claims he is worth as much as £1.4 million after his mother read him the riot act. Matt said: “Twenty seventeen was the best year of my life, bar none. “My son was born, I became engaged to my best friend and my business is booming. Life is great.”
Matt Myles with Euromillion cheque
Matt Myles with Euromillions cheque
In an interview with The Mirror, Matt said he and Stacy began their round-the-world trip for a week only months after meeting through mutual friends. After several relationships in the aftermath of his win, Matt met Stacy, an NHS play specialist helping children from Ludlow, Shropshire, in August 2016. He saw her every day for a week before going on an USA trip with friends for a month but was Facetiming her every day from the holiday. “We were inseparable from the outset,” he said. “It was good to go around with the boys to experience the world as a single lad but this time with the trip with Stacy I got to see things and travel with someone I cared about,” he explained. “It made the moments more special – rather being hungover.” Trouble soon struck after a visit to India when they arrived in Nepal with Stacy complaining of a tummy bug. By the time they reached Beijing, Stacy was not eating and had begun suffering what they would soon learn was pregnancy morning sickness. “We went to a doctor to see what was wrong and the doctor told us we were six weeks pregnant so we actually got pregnant before we left home but we didn’t know,” Matt explains. The couple flew on to Shanghai and then Tokyo, Japan, where they plotted to fit every destination in they wanted to see before they had to return to the UK for scans at the 20-week mark. This ensured they got to see their goals of visiting the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and Mount Everest. They spent five weeks in Thailand and another few weeks in the Phillipines. Symbolically for Matt, his travel ended in Bali – where he had begun his wild lottery celebratory trip back in 2014. “That was the start and the end of my bachelor life,” he said. “That was the first place I flew to when I won the money so it was fitting to be the place to end our trip. “As soon as we flew out, I knew I had to be a grown up man and be aware of my responsibilities with the kid on the way.” But after returning to the UK in early August, Matt took the chance for once last “blow out” with his pals – flying to Las Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather versus Connor McGregor boxing match. On his return, his dream run appeared hit trouble. Scans revealed the baby had with Cervical Spina bifida – a rare form present in only 4 per cent of babies with Spina bifida. Matt explained that doctors told them this meant the baby could have been born with health problems including mobility issues, a smaller head or a smaller body. He said: “I came back from Vegas on an extreme high, we’d found out we were pregnant, but then hit a low with these scans.” As the due date loomed, Matt proposed on the same day Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle – but insists it was an hour before the announcement to the world. Stacy was on the couch in their living room under a blanket feeling ill in the final weeks of her pregnancy. “I did it first!” Matt said of the royal announcement. Baby Jude was born completely healthy on December 18 – just in time for his dad to dress him up in a Manchester United kit for the the baby’s first match against Bristol on December 20. Turning to his finances, Matt said he believed he was now worth between £1.3 million and £1.4 million after investments in property, medical shares and a film. He said he had bought a new property in Brisbane, Australia, for $420,000 (£242,000) as they planned to move their to continue their travelling but the arrival of the baby has changed that. He said the property in the inner-city Casino Towers complex was now worth about $500,000 (£288,000) was still under construction but he would probably sell it and take the profit. Matt also revealed he had also made money on a British film, London Heist, which premiered in July. “I invested £20,000 in the film and expect to get about £28,000,” he said. “It was a 40 per cent return so I will get that in February.” There is also a franchising opportunity he was unable to talk about. He said ultimately he would not go back to his big-spending ways and partying lifestyle. Matt had told The Sunday People last year: “I’ve had the time of my life, travelled the world, spent the night with 150 beautiful women, partied at the most amazing places. He had said: “I’m faithful when I’m dating but when I’m single I love to play the field. There were a few models and some average girls. Two girls threw themselves at me once.” He also was dragged through the courts at one point after an ex-girlfriend attacked him when she saw he had received a Snapchat message from another woman. Fitness trainer Carla Chamberlain, who had hit him in the face and grabbed his testicles, was found guilty of two counts of common assault by beating and one count of criminal damage in 2015. He now says his wild party boy days are “left in the past” and he wants to focus on “the good stuff”. Matt today said of his finances: “I’ll never go backwards now.” “My fear was I would wind up as one the lottery failure stories such as Michael Caroll. “(Britian’s youngest Euromillions winner) Jane Park is her own person and what she does with her money is her business. “But this was not the same route I wanted to go down. I could have easily been swept up with that.” He said that, based on his experience, he felt grateful that he was older with more life experience and could realise his mistakes. “I didn’t want to bring shame to my parents,” he said. He is now training to be a pilot with a view to working for a commercial airline – he mentions British Airways – in the future. The wedding is planned for 2019, something his mum Vivien is very happy about. “Mum is overjoyed,” Matt said. “She has got a grandchild. “She is happy I turned out alright after the win, I guess.”

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