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“The world I am working to build is a world that should be of interest to everyone of us.” Amb. Young Piero O.
Amb. Young Piero is a young entrepreneur, humanitarian, philanthropist, mobilizer, educator, vibrant and articulated young face of Hope for Democracy in Nigeria.
Young Piero Omatseye, popularly called ‘Pacesetter’ and globally known as Amb. Young Piero, was born on the 15th day of July 1983 in Sapele into the famous Prince Asule Omatseye Dynasty of Deghele, Warri South West and Warri North in Delta State and the Fregene family in Amukpe Sapele and Emefe family in Jesse both in Delta central of Delta State.
Inspite of his slow ability to grasp academically during his elementary school days, Young Piero exhibited exceptional traits of proactivity, intelligence, industry, and leadership, throughout in Bishop Ajayi Chrawthar Primary School, Okotie-Eboh Grammar School, both in Sapele and Emmanuel Foundation Benin between 1987-2007, Young Piero picked up very late in reading and writing while in secondary school but he never saw that as a limitation.
Young Piero was later admitted into the Prestigious International School of Aviation, were he got his Advance Diploma on Cargo handling Lagos in 2006. His passion to be a pacesetter and do things in different way from others gained him admission into Wisconsin and other International Universities.
Unfortunately, finance was a constraint to utilizing these admission offers. Young Piero being a lad who doesn’t let disappointment defeat him decided to settled for Novena University Ogume in Delta State, were he obtained his B.Sc in Intelligence and Security Studies in 2014.
At the early age of 26, Young Piero moved on to established his own organization as an entrepreneur in 2007 with an household name ‘Young Piero Tours International (Young Piero Organization)’ which was incorporated in 2008.
Young Piero Tours International brought him popularity as a result of his achivement. He amassed several awards from his good works, some among others was;
The Youngest Stakeholder in Niger Delta in 2009, African must influential Youth in Ghana 2010, and Nigerian Dream Personality award in 2016 by the Nigeria Rebirth Conference.
Icon of Nigeria Democracy honor, 2017 by Northen Youth Council of Nigeria.
In his passion to build a world that would be of interest to everyone of us, he focused on Nation building where he is currently prepares and mentor young people globally, because of his love to serve humanity instead of settling for government appointment or getting a well paid job.
He founded the Jet age Nation Builders a Leading initiative in partnership with World Youth Organization and Earthright International, he also founded Rebrand Nigeria, Niger Delta Coalition Projects and Young Piero Foundation were he  support students in tertiary institutions without fund raising from members of the public.
His successes in initiating ideas in building the people that will build the nation gave him a global recognition and he was made  Ambassador to the Youth for Human Rights International, USA, and Nigeria Coordinator Youth Assembly at the United Nations, he has been invited by countless numbers of organizations Abroad for high profile conferences and summit but only accept those ones that are aimed towards nation building, young piero is a humanitarian, pace setter, encourager, philanthropist, educator, conflict resolution analysis, Human Rights Educator, mobilizer and a motivational speaker.
Amb. Young Piero is a Senior member of the Institute of Information and Strategic Management (MISM), Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), and Niger Delta coordinator of the Nigeria Rebirth Project (NRP), an Organization committed to deliver a supper Nation. He is also the Nigeria coordinator Earthright International, United for Human Rights. His love to serve is people made him join politics in 2013 and he is a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Nigerians ruling political party. He is the Secretary APC mobilizing Commitee.
Amb. Young Piero M.Sc in view.
Amb. Young Piero is married to his lovely wife Precious Young Omatseye from Esaba and Otutwama in Ugheli South and he is blessed with kids.
RM Team : Challenges faced while growing up and how you overcame:
I grow up from a humble beginning, a beginging that is so special, I use the word special because that beginning contributed to making me who I am today. First as a young boy born into Polygamous and a molygamus home It was very difficult growing up to have a dream to become somebody in life, and copple to the fact that I grow up in one of the worst place in Sapele that a child can ever grow up from to becoming who I am today is like a misery. Asking me how I overcome them will not be that easy for me because I have always learnt from trying, with a believe that it is better I fail trying than not to try at all. I learnt to be awake on research when others are sleeping, I also learnt to create my own reality, in that way I was never satisfied and I never gave up on my self because of what the society thinks about me, I never gave myself the opportunity to think of my background because I don’t want my back to be on the grand so I learn to try doing something that others says can not be done.
I did all kind of odd jobs to meet my daily need from age 14 when I left my mum to live with my dad. Living with my dad open me more to a more adventures life because it is like the survival of the fittest, eating 3 times a day is nobody business so you must find out that yourself either you become papa’s favorite or you go out and do hot jobs to take care of yourself and I have it in mind that I have to be on top of all I do because I see the responsibility of taking care of my younger siblings on me, there is no way I could be in my fathers (papa’s) good book because I don’t know how to read news paper for papa.
I did odd jobs like digging of drainage, brick laying, painting, pure bearing alias Undertaker and working in the moto park alias agbaro. From the time I left to live with my dad I joined living faith church (winners chapel), I always make sure i am in every church service and as a member of Crowd Control Units (CCU) I am always directing and controlling by being in charge until I come in contact with a book written by Dr. Myles Munroe titled (Who is a leader) other books by, Dr. Ben Carson, John Mason, Dr. David Oyedepo and Pastor Mensa, those books in acsure fact contributed in making me who I am today.
RM Team : What is your life Philosophy:
My philosophy in life journey is that everything is impossible until I try and I believe I am responsible for what ever happens around me, so I always to responsibility.
RM Team :  Who is your role model;
Role Model or Role models? Well! I have lots of personalities I admire some qualities in them, they are; Dr. Myles Munroe, John Mason, Obafemi Awolowo, Prince KB Omatseye, Engr. Pst Koso Moli, and My Father because he live’s as a king until his death.
RM Team :  Involvement in charity/youth empowerment (if any).
They are not limited to, my role in Nationschoolsng, Today Young Piero Organization has sponsored and supportes 11 graduates and our last intake was 20, 5 in Federal/state Universities, and 5 in secondary schools and 10 in Primary schools, I just opened a foundation in memory of my late mother for the elderly in our society. Young Piero Organization in partnership with the youth for Human Rights Int’l has distributed 20,000 booklet of “What are Human Rights” to young Nigerians inline with my project coaching and catching them young.
RM Team :Word for the young ones.
The best young people can do for themselves is to take responsibility for things that happens around them, life will not give to you what you deserved or qualified for, life will only give to you what you place a demand on, young people should learn to grow into what they dream to be, no cutting corners.. You can be what you want to be if you try, and be willing to fail before you can succeed.
RM Team :Where do you see yourself in the next ten years:
Wow… A pace setter, doing what I have to do, to be better then then person I am today. You can say globally accepted.
RM Team: Worst moment/best moment (if any )
My worst moment are the moment I make the best out of. Lol
RM Team : Passion and Driving force:
Passion.. Service to Humanity.
Working to build a world that should be of interest to everyone of us.
RM Team :You can take some time to sale what you do ( advert ).
I am the youngest to run for Senate since the inception of Democracy in Nigeria.

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