…Where the Falsehood Lies.

The inconsistency associated with publications in the print and online media emanating from the “Oruwari Briggs House” since the demise of High Chief (Dr.) Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs are now beginning to create doubts in the hearts of many as to the genuineness of assertions made in the said publications, considering unfolding events.

  1. Interestingly, beneficiaries of the uncommon philanthropic disposition of the deceased, who cut across ethnic and social differences, have given a plausible clue to what may have triggered the observable show of desperation and evil conspiracy, targeted at creating discord and disaffection in his immediate family, even when he is yet to be interred.
  2. The publications, particularly the one of May 23rd signed by the 7 self-seeking and self-styled “Oruwari Briggs House” chiefs attempting to criminalize at all cost, the  wife of the deceased and matriarch of the High Chief (Dr.) Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs family, Dr. (Mrs.) Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs Briggs, have ended up contradicting and shooting themselves in the foot. This has spurred the torrential raising of eyebrows of suspicious questioning the genuineness of their intentions and what their desperate actions seek to underscore.
  1. Independent investigations by those who care to beam a searchlight of truth have set the records in an unequivocal way. High Chief (Dr.) O.B. Lulu-Briggs who died at the age of 88 had suffered ill-health for more than 20 years which he did not allow in any way to slow him down and he continued to live a full life. He finally passed-on on the 27th of December, 2018 in Accra, Ghana where he was accompanied by his loving wife, family and friends for year-end festivities as was his custom.
  2. The devastated wife immediately put a call across to the Chief amongst his sons- Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs and his first daughter. They arrived in Accra, Ghana on the 28th and viewed Chief’s body with the rest of the immediate family on the 29th.
  3. Thereafter the “Oruwari Briggs House” after being notified by Chief’s oldest sons, issued a Press Release in the Punch Newspaper dated Tuesday, January 1, 2019 announcing the sad event of the High Chief’s passing. About a week later, the family members visited Accra, Ghana and viewed the corpse again and made all necessary arrangements for it to be brought home for burial preparations.
  4. The “Oruwari Briggs House” commenced burial plans amidst several meetings. The initial burial date slated for January 26, 2019 was shifted to April 6, 2019.  However, the funeral was eventually postponed. It is important to note that the publication announcing the postponement emanated from one of the “Oruwari Briggs House” Chiefs who incidentally is High Chief Lulu-Briggs’s son.
  5. Paradoxically questionably and indeed strangely, the same “Oruwari Briggs House” that had made these precious publications came out with another publication dated May 23, 2109 claiming not to know whether Chief O.B was dead or alive and for what it was worth made feeble attempts to criminalize the mourning wife Dr. (Mrs.) Seinye Lulu-Briggs by the vile and dishonest claims that she was acting unilaterally and mystifying the death of her husband.
  6. In all sincerity, this presents the highest level of conspiracy, contradiction and loss of self-respect and dignity for the Oruwari Chief’s council.  And it is probably the worst form of denigration for the highly respected High Chief, who was its paramount head until his passing, in death.
  7. This conduct from the acclaimed “Oruwari Briggs House” has prompted the inquisitiveness of the beneficiaries of the deceased, who now consider themselves family, to investigate and unravel the concerted plot against a widow who has, for nearly two decades been married to the deceased and who looked lovingly after her husband till his last moments on earth. It would, therefore, be right for one to logically style the “Oruwari Briggs House” to be attack dogs on a paid sabotage mission.
  8. Certain questions would also arise in the considerations of a reasonable thinker;
  • What would one make out of the conduct of the “Oruwari Briggs House?”
  • Why would the chiefs of “Oruwari Briggs House” who issued an obituary notice and funeral postponement turn around to issue a full-page paid advert in the newspapers with the odious title “Is High Chief O.B Lulu Briggs alive or dead?”
  • Is it true that Dr. (Mrs.) Seinye Lulu-Briggs informed the only other chief in the Lulu-Briggs family immediately he was confirmed dead? If so, did the chief who happens to be her step-son Chief Dumo, the Chairman of Platform Petroleum Limited forget that he notified the rest of the Oruwari Briggs House Chiefs?
  • Is it true that all the children of his family visited and inspected his body in a morgue in Accra, Ghana and thereafter the sons commissioned a casket for transporting his body back to Nigeria?
  • What sense does it make that a devoted wife who was committed to getting the best healthcare available for her husband and traveled the world consulting with the best doctors available, elected to kill him in an aircraft full of many other passengers or on the runway of an airport?
  • What has been the magnitude of care extended by “Oruwari Briggs House” to the deceased during his protracted illness until the moment of his death?
  • What if the deceased had not struggled in his lifetime to achieve his status and died wretchedly; would the chiefs of “Oruwari Briggs House” put forth this mask of caring expressions?
  1. The rhetorical question on everyone’s mind reading this stranger than fiction is “Is there a possibility that the sage is speaking from the dead?” Are there things that he has pronounced that some persons wish to be buried and thus are creating distractions by attacking a noble and grieving woman?
  2. Like the time-tested saying “conscience is an open wound which only truth can heal”, the activities of the presumed family kinsmen of the deceased, an influential giant son of Kalabari origin, will sooner than later be laid bare for all men to see. It is regrettable and painful too that, even before his committal to earth, those he may have been considered kin, have revealed their real feelings towards him, his estate and those he held to heart while alive.
  3. It would sincerely lift the spirit of any good man, woman and child to know that, some of those who benefitted from his benevolence have refused to remain closed-mouthed in the face of the evil plan and rather prefer that, they would stand for the truth in preserving the integrity of the God-fearing, people-loving High Chief Dr. O. B. Lulu-Briggs against the adversities of inordinate men.
  4. More so, to them, falsehood must be screwed in all forms even as they have urged all well-meaning Kalabaris, Rivers indigenes and Nigerians to rise up to the challenge and defy the antics of the enemies of the lasting legacy of their benefactor.

Belema Briggs


Beneficiaries of the Benevolence of High Chief (Dr.) O.B Lulu Briggs

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