Dickson solicits prayers for the nation and people in position of authority

The Aso Rock Chapel yesterday honoured Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State with a presentation of a “Legacy Bible,” in appreciation of his support in the promotion of the work of the gospel, not only in Bayelsa but throughout the nation. The chapel praised the governor for making the word of God the foundation of his government and urged other leaders to emulate the virtue. Leader of the delegation and chaplain of the Villa Chapel, Pastor Seyi Malomo in his opening remarks at the Bayelsa State Governor’s Lodge where the presentation ceremonies held, said as a Christian, Governor Dickson has shown exemplary leadership, adding that his monthly thanksgiving service for the welfare of Bayelsa in particular and the nation in general, has not gone unnoticed in recent times. “The Aso Villa chapel has mandated us to present to you, this unique Bible called the Legacy Bible by the Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN). This is presented to you specifically because of your Christian and spiritual activities towards the development not only of Bayelsa but the entire nation. There was a time the President said we should all pray for the nation and we are seeing your thanksgiving service on a monthly basis. I have been in Bayelsa before representing the Vice President when you built the ecumenical centre. We are presenting this Bible to you as something that is befitting of such edifice and we pray that God will continue to bless Bayelsa and Nigeria,” said the chaplain. While thanking the delegation for the honour, Dickson pledged the readiness of Bayelsa State to support the work of God, and called on the clergy not to relent in praying for those at the helm of affairs. He described the Legacy Bible, written in English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Efik, as unique, stressing that no gift under the sun compares with the written word of God. “I want to appreciate you for this wonderful gift. This is one unique gift that will find a very special place in Bayelsa, in my family and in my heart. I want to urge you and all other people of faith to continue to pray for our nation and also pray for all of us who are in (position of) authority, for God to show us mercy and direction as a country and as a people. “This gift is special and unique because there is no gift that is more important than the word of God. And the way and manner you have presented it is very important and wonderful. I assure you that Bayelsa will continue to support the Body of Christ. This is a period that calls for solidarity and I call on all people of good faith, who mean well for this country to stand in solidarity with all that is good, right and fair and to support all those that are in leadership position to continue to do more for the sake of our people and the country. “I appreciate the good work you are doing for the nation, praying not just for those in authority at the federal level but in deed for all leaders. And that is what the holy book enjoins you to continue to do, that is, to pray for all the leaders. That is what I take from this presentation. I will take the bible back to Bayelsa. “I am appealing to them to continue to pray and also call upon clergy men to continue to pray for our nation, the president and the vice president and all others in federal authority. They should continue to pray for governors like me and all of us in leadership,” the governor solicited. On what informed the gift, Malomo said as “a very religious nation,” it is important to “always support our leaders and we have seen in His Excellency, a leader who is committed in praying for this nation. We have seen this in the governor’s thanksgiving on monthly basis for the nation. “We feel that when such thanksgiving is going on, such a powerful word of God, the Legacy Bible, a unique Bible in the whole world, is needed to guide such programmes so that the word of God will really be a blessing to the whole of Nigeria.” Governor Dickson, built a 10, 000 sitting capacity worship chapel in Bayelsa in 2017 and has since declared November 2 every year as Bayelsa State Thanksgiving Day.

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