Carrots Food and Bites opens in Abuja

A new restaurant that promises the latest Nigerian and continental cuisines, Carrots Food and Bites, is set to open this Friday, November, 15, in a serene atmosphere in the ever-bustling Wuse District, Abuja, to discerning food lovers.

With a lot of varieties in its menu, including an array of pastries, bread, cookies and other mouthwatering goodies, Carrot has come to upturn the boring routine with its exceptional and irresistible swag to eating out.

To swell your appetite and meet your taste, Carrots is parading an array of award-winning chefs and boasts signature dishes, exquisite customer experience and scintillating ambience that will get you looking and feeling like never before.

For the Chief Executive Officer of Carrots Food and Bites, Mrs. Bolutife Omazu, the mission is simple – “to take eating-out in this city to another level, combining exquisite cuisine – foods, wines, bakeries and continental dishes with a touch of class experience that is first of its kind in the city.

“Our location is carefully and unmistakably selected to give our customers the optimum satisfaction of combining bustling environment with a really serene and sublime experience that guarantees privacy.” 

“Carrots carefully and imaginatively combines good African foods, pastries and fruit juices with royalty experience for the customer and above all at a price that would not create holes in their pockets.”

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