22-year-old man kills mother over love affair with his aunt in Abia

The police in Abia state have arrested a 22-year-old man, Agaezichi Ogbonna, for allegedly killing his mother over a love affair with her sister, who is the boy’s aunt, at Akpaa Mbato community, Obingwa council area of Abia State. According to reports, Ogbonna was in a relationship with his mother, Blessing’s sister and the mum got to know of it, she condemed it and asked them to stop. On Saturday June 16th, she walked in on them in an uncompromising position and when she tried to rebuke them, Ogbonna pounced on her, beating her to death. When they found out she had died, the young man and his aunt tried to escape. However, Ogbonna was caught and handed over to the soldiers stationed in the community. A resident in the community who spoke on the condition of anonymity said
‘The boy was having a love affair with his mother’s sister. The love affair has been going on for a long time. But his mother kept warning him against it. Everybody in this village has been warning the boy against the love affair because it is a taboo in Igbo land. Any time his mother warns him to stop the love affair with her sister, Agaezichi will beat the woman. “Yesterday, his mother saw him with the girl and warned about the consequences of their love affair and Agaezich rained blows on the woman. She fell to the ground and died. When they saw, she has died, they ran away but Agaezichi was arrested by some youths while his girlfriend escaped.” 
The soldiers have since handed the suspect to the police.

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